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Hello. I am a beginner and I am using the sublime notepad to make a website. I am using windows 10 and do not know how to open my website and see what I am actually doing on the browser. It is hard to explain but I cannot see what I am creating. Can someone please respond with clear instructions on how to open up a web page. Thanks!!



Drag that html file into your web browser window :grinning:



I ( have twice asked this question in the past week and received no replies. Even now I cannot activate your solution. I have ST3 open with a Crome html file alongside but they will not communicate. What am I missing?
With apologies to MartinLI for interrupting.



Sublime is not an IDE (like dunno, dreamweaver, if it still exists), there is no live preview/communication between ST and any browser out of the box, possible solutions:

  1. just hit refresh on the browser to see changes [easiest]
  2. search for a package to autoreload browser’s pages on file save (Live​Reload for example) [normal]
  3. use a task runner in your project (grunt, gulp) or a bundler (webpack) and add a livereload task [advanced]
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@tanyard, is this your previous question: Branded not to start! ?
I’m not surprised noone answered, sorry but “ST3 will not speak to html file or vice versa” really makes no sense…

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Yes I am also Tanyard. OK, so ‘speak’ is not the accepted terminology. I appreciate the html functions of ST3 but I want to see the outcome in an html file; after all the purpose of a text editor I understand is to ‘mark up’ a webpage. My problem is I cannot ‘link’ the html file to ST3 or vice versa; any words entered in ST3 do not show in a similarly named html file. I have been using ‘reload’ as you suggest but no impact; I will now try your LiveReload example but will this work if there is no load to reload, if you see what I mean?



Sounds to me that you guys need to learn a bit more about web development if you don’t understand how to edit and html file.

Here is a free course on Code Academy
Also there are plenty of free resources on youtube.

Sublime is working as expected, I think there is a gap in knowledge.

My 2 cents ^ :wink:



Of course there is a gap in knowledge; hence the question. Simply what can stop ST3 ‘communicating’ with an html file. Have not found the answer on YouTube as yet.



This isn’t an ST3 question, it applies to any text editor, Notepad, Notepad++, VIM, etc. The basic process is, open/create a file, save it, open that file in a browser. But what you really want to do is start up a local webserver or maybe even upload the file to a remote webserver, which is WAY outside the scope of this forum and you would be better served searching for tutorials on getting started in developing websites.



Hi Tanyard,

There is no ‘communication’ between a html file and sublime. I think the main problem come from here: " after all the purpose of a text editor I understand is to ‘mark up’ a webpage. "

That is not the purpose of a text editor and is not the purpose of Sublime Text. There are sublime packages for a lot of things: syntax highlight, error detection, etc. But you need to install and enable it.

I would recommend to take some minutes and check at least the wikipedia for
“text editor” and “sublime text”:

Also, sublime documentation:

It will also help if you can add more information in the post:

  • Version of Sublime Text (assume it’s 3)
  • What package(s) are you using ?
  • Can you provide an example of what are you trying to edit ?


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Thanks for your interest.

By the comments in this string I seem to have been naïve in my approach to coding. I started by wanting to improve my WordPress website and was lured by the possibility of going along an HTML/ CSS Java etc route. There was the added thought that in time some extra income may be possible to supplement pension funds now falling to inflation.

So going though many videos on YouTube I came across Traversy Media an - HTML Crash Course for Beginners - which supports the use of Sublime Text3 and argues to avoid Microsoft Notebook for this purpose. This has brought me to my current dilemma in that I cannot emulate Brad Traversy’s route, proposals and indeed claims. This is briefly that ST3 will function in co-operation with an html file enabling the novice to develop the use of HTML by seeing the results of coding in an html file to be uploaded to the Web. I hope this sets my scene? Am I trying to climb a gum tree?

I use Windows 10. Microsoft Office 365 with Outlook, Word and Excel. And Crome. All are current versions. Thanks again for your interest. tim tucker



Like @svsecan wrote, here there is a knowledge gap.
The main problem here, imho, is starting with youtube videos rather than read tutorials on W3Schools etc. or MDN
I’m writing this because if your goal is to improve a Wordpress site, then you must know the differences between Java and Javascript or Html and Php, (WP is built in php and uses javascript for frontend enanchements, not html and java); you should start knowing the differences between programming and markup languages (php and javascript are programming languages, while html is a markup languange); then, once you really know what you have to do, start learning to use the appropriate tools (like st3 to write code, a sftp client to move your files on the server, etc).



I have no wish to change Wordpress. I wish to conquer HTML and be able to view the result; no more at this stage.



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i wonder why that post got flagged :roll_eyes:



I was the one who flagged it :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, it seemed like a bot reply at first sight. Bots usually reply to dead threads. The domain also looks fishy ( Recently there was a user that was legitimate for a while and then suddenly turned into a bot. However opening the PDF from my phone seems to work OK, and it looks like a real PDF. That said, I think it’s illegal to offer a PDF from a book that can be bought online



ok, thank you…thought the book was free