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Make "Stage All" button actually stage all


Is there a setting to make “Stage All” button always stage everything on the first click (both tracked and untracked files)? Maybe there’s something wrong with my flow, but I think I never in my life wanted to stage just the old files and not the new ones.



There is no such setting that I’m aware of, no.

On the face of it, it seems kinda disastrous to always assume that every file, whether it is currently tracked by git or not, is something that git should be tracking. Things like that are how binary artifacts that are meant to be generated at build time end up in the repo for example.

In any case, the command palette has an entry Stage All Modified and Untracked which is bound to (on Linux) ctrl+k, ctrl+a that will invoke `git add -A for you, which will do that.

The key may be different on your OS; the command palette will tell you what it is, though.