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Make "Find All" ACTUALLY visible


Please make “Find All” actually properly visible, to “pop” so your eyes can easily see the results.

If you do Ctrl + F in Chrome for example, you can easily see the active highlight, as well as all the other highlights. (Even in their dark mode)

In sublime 3, I’ve looked through the color scheme settings and played around (with “find_highlight_*”, “selection_*”, etc) and what I’m saying does not look doable yet.

Here’s a side by side picture of sublime search and chrome search:



There are a lot of use cases.
From debugging to even pasting a personal note in a quick sublime tab and looking for the keywords. Speeds things up a lot.



Hi okfunta,
I have long had the same annoyance.
I recently found the “highlight” variable.
If you add this: “highlight”: “#FF00CC”,
within the “globals” section of the sublime-color-scheme file you will modify the found matches.
Looks like you may know how to find the file, but for others who may not, go to Preferences -> Customize Color Scheme.
Take care.

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Hi, thanks for that !
That makes things a lot better, but not quite what I was proposing / talking about.

Your solution only changes the color of the outline/box of the found matches, rather than highlight in the same manner that the current/active selection looks.

Anyhow, that’s good enough for now. And I noticed that I like #FFFF00 even more :smiley:



You need to use the Word Highlight plugin.
In it’s user settings change the "draw_outlined" to false and "highlight_word_under_cursor_when_selection_is_empty" to true.
By changing the "color_scope_name" to some other scope you get to change the highlight color to the one defined for that scope. The default comment scope is usually dull.