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macOS Window Restoration to Correct "Spaces" on Restart


Apple provides APIs that enable Applications to restore to the desktop “Spaces” [] they were on prior to reboot. All official Apple applications (Terminal, Safari, and TextEdit are a few common examples) support this feature.

For those of us who make heavy use of the Spaces virtual desktop feature, this feature is a massive boon (time saver). Supporting this feature appears to further provide support for restoring to separate screens [].

While I’ve never personally implemented the feature, an Apple tech support specialist pointed me to this documentation and the “Handling Window Restoration” functions of the NSWindow class.

Supporting this feature for macOS versions of Sublime Text would be sublime.



I would love this feature. For me, this is the only major missing feature from Sublime. I have ten virtual desktop (one for each project) and at least same amount of Sublime instances, and it kills me to move all Sublime windows to their virtual desktops after a reboot.

I could pay e.g. 10 EUR for this feature, just for saved time.



I also would love this feature. I often have one project per space in macOS and rebooting the system or simply restarting Sublime Text means I have to put all my projects back in their proper space.

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please, please, please implement this. my macbook crashes randomly (separate issue, but still) and it’s such a pain to restore my projects back to their proper spaces. apple applications go back to their proper spaces by default, and it’s such great UX.

sublime text already restores all my windows, even the unsaved tabs (which is awesome!). if it could put my windows back where they belong, it would be even better!

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This is still an issue on Sublime Text 4. Any chance we can get this bumped up?



This feature was part of the public release of ST4:

  • Windows will remember their Virtual Desktop/Space/Workspace, controlled by the remember_workspace setting