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MacOS text to speech blocked


MacOS has an accessibility option to read aloud highlighted text but it doesn’t work on MacOS. On MacOS it just reads the title of the document. I’m a paying customer, can we get a bug filed about this to get resolved in some future update please? Thanks!

You have to turn the option on by default on MacOS to access it. On current MacOS you access to by navigating to apple settings => Accesibility => Spoken Content, then check Speak selection. Click the i next to it so you can see the keyboard short cut that you need to press to have the selected text read. I think by default it is Option+ Esc. Then for any app you can highlight some text and then press Option + Esc to have it read, but like I said it doesn’t work in Sublime for some reason it just reads the title of the document.



Text to speach is not blocked, but just not supported.

The whole GUI is composed of a custom UI toolkit with fully (hardware accellerated) custom rendering, which has no such function implemented. OS screen reader therefore just sees an empty window with a sort of “picture” in it.