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macOS Mojave Desktop Tinting Support


With dark mode selected in macOS Mojave, platform-compliant applications shift their background color slightly to match the user’s wallpaper with a feature called “Desktop Tinting”. This allows the background color of windows to more closely match the hue of the user’s background, and results in the applications and user background appearing more harmonious together than they would otherwise.

For a thorough explanation and example images of this feature, see the “Under the Covers” section of 512 Pixels’ Mojave Dark Mode article.

I would absolutely love if Sublime Text also supported this feature. Without it, Sublime text’s otherwise green-hued Monokai background clashes with all other windows on the system if a background primarily featuring a color other than green is chosen.



More on this feature and additional sample images found in Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.



What you say about Mojavei is not specific… name for it or screenshots?

( PRV to customize colors themes.



This is not what @GameGenie710 suggested.

This is a feature request for making parts of the window itself transparent with a blur effect, when active, much like the many many native MacOS apps do. See Finder, Mail, Calendar app sidebars, empty Safari window, Terminal.