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macOS Big Sur, sublime window goes grey on external monitor


Hi all,

I have just updated mac to Big Sur, thought it had gone well until I noticed when I move sublime windows onto external monitor the whole window goes grey

if I drag it back it shows as it should, I have checked for updates on everything with no joy.

the only thing to note is this external screen is using display link via USB, all other applications are working OK and I was using this set up OK with sublime before updating.

any ideas



Sublime Text 3 uses OpenGL to draw to the screen (rendering is still done on the CPU, the GPU is only used to draw to the screen). You could try checking whether any other OpenGL-based applications are having the same issue.



Thank you for the reply, do you have an app suggestion known to use OpenGL i could try?

many thanks



I’m not really familiar with any. What comes to mind are GPU stress testers like FurMark or TessMark.



With MacOS you should always wait until they announce the next OS to then update the previous one. If you care about getting work done that is. Either way, did you try setting “gpu_window_buffer”

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thank you, setting the value to false has solved the issue! I really appreciate the help its been driving me nuts!

I have been having some issues with the mac failing to wake from sleep and crashing, I was hoping the new OS update would solve that (not happened yet but was only ~ once per month) otherwise I would 100% agree with you.

Thank you again for taking the time to help

all the best



Oh that’t total hogwash.