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LSP plugin completion flickers


When using the LSP (Language Server Protocol) plugin there is an apparent issue with the plugin API that causes the completion panel to flicker as you type. I’ve reported the issue to the plugin developer ( and they claim this is due to how ST handles incomplete lists.

Is this a known issue for ST? I guess it needs a formal feature request or bug report because it’s going to affect how ST interacts with language servers.



The view.show_popup causes an existing popup window to flicker and the same happens if the completion panel is recreated by an asynchronous task via auto_complete command. Looks like the existing GUI elements are destroyed and recreated, instead of updating the existing ones. The flickering is caused by them to disapear for some milliseconds.

Seems like a Windows related issue which is caused by how the GUI elements are implemented. @JPS fixed the popup flickering in Sublime Merge. Hope these fixes will find their way to ST in the (near) future.

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Good you’re aware of it at least. Btw, I’m on Mac and the flicker is pretty obvious.