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[LSP-helper] LSP and aureliajs


Sorry for the commented out links. New user here and am not allowed more than 2 links per post.

I cannot get the LSP completion output for the LSP helper, LSP-aurelia:, I’m developing and unsure of the way forward.


  • console output (vscode & sublime-text):
  • screenshot vscode:
  • screenshot sublime-text:

what i’ve done:

  • used LSP-angular as starting point and reference for development
  • used aurelia vscode-extension package.json -> "configuration" as reference to the settings required
    • package.json -> "configuration":
  • manually edited the settings in vscode to get the actual "key: value" pair
    • .code-workspace:
    • I was confused by having empty objects key-value and flat key-value at the same time in the package.json -> "configuration", eg. "aurelia.aureliaProject" and "aurelia.aureliaProject.exclude"
  • added all settings in .sublime-project and/or local LSP-aurelia.sublime-settings
    • together at the same time and exclusively
    • .sublime-project:
    • LSP-aurelia.sublime-settings:

my env:

  • linux (manjaro linux)
  • sublime text 4
  • vscodium
  • test repo:
  • LSP-aurelia helper:
    1. Add Repository:
    2. Install Package: LSP-aurelia
  • aurelia language server:
    • original: - not used as it is not uploaded to npm


Still cannot get it to work. LSP: Troubleshoot Server doesn’t produce any error.

Probably need to have additional class methods like those in LSP-typescript unlike my original reference LSP-angular.

Any advice welcome, specifically documentation to creating LSP-helpers.

what i’ve done:

  • uninstall and reinstall LSP-aurelia after any changes to the LSP-aurelia repo, just to make sure that the dependencies are not the issue
  • copied server package.json -> "dependencies" to root package.json -> dependencies
  • add overrides to package.json to ensure @aurelia/kernel version is locked in
  • made sure to run npm i --package-lock-only anywhere there is package.json (to get the exact package versions)
  • remove any semver ranges in package.json
  • copied .vsix files over instead of files from github repository
    • moved the server files to LSP-aurelia/server folder with the corresponding package.json and package-lock.json files
    • removed dependencies on forked vscode-extension repository