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LSP Failure -- Frozen


Running licensed Sublime v 4169 on a Mac. Havent used it for some time. I open a project and when I try to view a python file I get a huge popup dialog that runs off the bottom of the screen. Is there a close button somewhere off screen. I can’t use the Sublime menu while the dialog is open and I can’t close the dialog. That’s poor design.

The error message says “Failed to start LSP-pylsp” and tells me to use the command palette to start LSP Server but I can’t because of the above mentioned dialog that runs off the screen.

So I kill the editor from the command line and try again but on a text file, not a python one. I issue the command palette command and I’m asked to choose a language. Python is not a choice.

What can I do to get back to a usable editor for my Python project?



LSP often just prints a language-server’s error output to an error dialog if it fails to start. Reasons for them to fail may be plenty.

Despite the “OK” button not being visible, default OS keybindings to interact with native OS dialog boxes, such as escape, … should still work though to dismiss/close it.

I haven’t used LSP-pylsp for a long time as pylsp is rarelay maintained these days and way too heavy and slow. I prefer LSP-pyright, which requires nodejs but does a pretty well job.

Set Syntax: Python not being available via Command Palette normally means the Python package is disabled. Maybe check if it is listed in Package Control: Enable Package quick panel.

Another possible cause of trouble is people disabling arbritary packages shipped with Sublime Text. Python for instance relies on Regular Expressions package and might fail loading if it is not available.



I got going, partly due to your advice. Thx.