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LSP and highlight_line don't play well together


When LSP’s semantic_highlighting and vanilla highlight_line are both true, the highlight has gaps. Here’s an example with the default Breakers theme:

If this is indeed a bug, should this be an issue in SublimeText, Packages, or LSP GitHub repo?



This is a known issue, but I think there is nothing that could be done about it, and it is one of the reasons why semantic highlighting is disabled by default in the LSP settings. The semantic highlighting implementation is basically just a big hack because it was never intended to allow plugins to modify the syntax highlighting.

If you hope of an improvement for this in the future, there is already a feature request in the ST issue tracker where you could add your :+1::



Ah, wow. Just read through that thread, very informative, and I can understand both sides. Added my thumbs up. Hopefully SublimeText team accommodates this integration for those who prefer consistent syntax highlighting over fast initial render.