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Lost some data after disk full and reboot


Hi, I’m a heavy user of sublime, and i have a big markdown file, about 40k lines in about 2 MB size.
My os is mac big sur 11.2.3, disk size 256G and today there is no space left (again).
So have to restart my computer since i can’t remove anything to trash bin.

Before restart, i know some lines in that file may be lost between my last save and reboot, because disk is full and i can’t save.

But after restart, i found that file becomes just 30k lines and 1.2MB size… about 10k line lost and i can’t find it back…Is there any temp file or caches to restore? Please help me, it’s my big home work and i really don’t know what to do, please!!!



ST stores unsaved content in the session file. Where do you expect an application to store things if have been running out of disk space?

Your content being truncated means there was not enough space left to save all the content. If you haven’t saved or backed your data up in some way, you’ll need to write those 10k of missing lines again.


Sublime saved my file with 0 bytes; cannot retrieve data in previous version of file