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Lost context menu for Commits pane (Mac)


Hi, I’m using Sublime Merge 2069 on Mac. For some reason I can no longer Ctrl-click within the “Commits” tab/pane in the sidebar.

I’ve tried:

  • Restarting Sublime Merge
  • Switching between “One Column”, “Two Columns”, etc

The context menus elsewhere within SM seem to work. For instance, I can Ctrl-click within the Locations tab to do stuff like Checkout, Merge, etc. So I don’t think this is a case of another program capturing the Ctrl-clicks.

Any thoughts on what I should do to get my context menus back?



Hi @kiwipavlova,

Thanks for reporting this issue!

The cause of the issue has been identified, and a fix will be available in the next build of Sublime Merge. If you’d like an immediate fix, you can access the previous development build via, or you can switch to the stable channel.

I’ll update you once again when the fix has been released.

Many thanks,
- Dylan from Sublime HQ



Great, thank you Dylan!