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Looking for someone to build and bill for a custom plugin



I am in need of a custom plugin to manage translations for my project. I’ll try to explain myself:

I have a laravel (php) project that supports translations (resources/lang/en/messages.php, resources/lang/fi/messages etc). The translation files look like this:

return array(
    'length'                                                         => 'Length',
    'diameter'                                                       => 'Diameter',
    'to_ogoship'                                                     => 'To Nettivarasto',
    'feedit'                                                         => 'Feeds',
    'add_picture'                                                    => 'Add picture'.....

I then have multiple blade-views (resources/views/layout.blade.php for example). In these blade-views I have plain text that needs to be converted to a code snippet, so that it uses the translation files. For example, i may have the following code
< span >Diameter< /span > that would need to be changed to < span >{{la(‘diameter’,1)}}< /span >.

I need the plugin to work as following:
I select a certain text (for example Diameter) and push a certain key combination. The plugin checks if the selected text exists in the translation array as an already translated text.

If it exists, it check the key and replaces the selected text with the code snippet with the correct key.
If it does not exist the plugin asks if it should add the selected text to the array and what key to use. After it has added the new key and value to the array, it replaces the selected text in the view.

I am willing to pay the developer for his time, if someone is interested in building this.

Best regards,
Petter Lillhonga



How do we know which translations array to look into ? (As there can be multiple)



Thank you, the plugin has been built for me!

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