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Looking for Lucida Console TTF with Italic/Bold support?


I keep going back to using Lucida Console as my #1 choice for all my coding in Sublime Text. Unfortunately, there isn’t any Italics or Bold support with the version that comes with Microsoft Windows.

I was hoping someone knows of an aftermarket/generic version of this font which includes Italics and Bold support… or, another fonts thats very similar to it… which also has Italics and Bold support.




Thank you for your reply. I know about pro fonts, I checked out a few already before posting here. There are so many to choose from. I was hoping someone else who also likes Lucida Console, has already found another font that’s pretty close… except more complete.



I’ve tried about every monospaced font out there and keep coming back to these:

SF Mono:

Fira Code (a Fira Mono variant with enhanced ligatures for use in programming):