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Locked in read only


Starting today for reasons I can. not explain every time I open sublime text, it opens in read-only mode. I have no idea how to get it to work the way it did up to now.

I am on a MacBook pro. Big Sur 11.2.3

Sublime text 3.2.2 build 3211



What do you mean by read-only mode?



When I create a document and try to save or print I receive the following in a dialogue box

“Unable to save /filename
Error: Read-only file system”

My file system is not read-only. I typed into an open file and then can’t save or print. This just started happening.



If you’re on either Linux or MacOS, you can’t save files to /; that’s a protected file system because saving files there can mess up the OS. You want to save your files in your Home directory.

The file browser should have a button that looks like a house; click on that to go to your home directory and you should be good to go.



The dialogue box inserted the slash. It is not in the file name. I did click on the save icon. How can I send an image?



It doesn’t matter where the / came from, the fact remains that the operating system won’t let you save files there.

That’s nothing to do with Sublime; no application as access to write there without administrator permissions, and it’s not a good idea to write files there either.