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Live share / xray / memo for sublime text


VSCode has a feature where you can share your editor with peers, there was a similar approach from the atom team named xray/memo which was shut down after microsoft acquired github.

Do you have any long running plans on providing a similar service, preferably a self hosted one such that I can fire up some docker config on a server and have a friend and me both edit through this shared service.

I think xray/memo was a very bright idea but its just dead for now.




There is a github snippets package if I remember correctly. I think I have played with it a little bit. Perhaps that would do for you what you desire.



I was talking about something like this (roughly)



try the plugin



I have been a user of floobits for a few projects. I’ve used it both for remote collaboration and to “stream” my code for a presentation. Regarding the remote collaboration, the product is not working well. It is difficult to connect with someone else, when the connection goes down for whatever reason then reconnecting and recovering changes doesn’t work well. We cannot use 100% of sublime text features, most importantly auto-complete and undo/redo, both leave the editor in a strange state like if the cursor was moving around. Regarding the presentation feature, to stream the code on a online read-only editor hosted by floobits, the editor itself isn’t very feature rich and the font (but that’s a personal opinion) isn’t great for coding. The TLS certificate on their website hasn’t been renewed since may (I’m posting in october) and their github shows no activity for the past years.

With the people I collaborate with, we now basically open vscode to benefit from their live-share feature whenever we want to collaborate in real-time (think peer-programming)… even if we all are sublime users.