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List of sublime-menu variables?


Is there a list somewhere of the variables available to use in the sublime-menu files (also, is there a list of the sublime-menu files available?

I don’t see any canonical/complete list in (unless I’m missing something), but perhaps it’s somewhere else?

I’ve so far found out about only a few:

  • $path: the filename from the root of the repo
  • $working_dir: the dir of the repo
  • $line: line number of the diff (only available in Diff Context.sublime-menu)

I’m sure I could find more by digging through more forum posts from devs, but a complete documentation on /docs would be great.



I don’t think the docs are updated with all menus available as well as variables. Sublime Merge simply has too many menu files for various purposes. The only way to know them is by just going through the Default package of SM and trial and experimenting.