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List of all commands with arguments


Sublime Merge documentation has example of Command Palette customization: here, but I can’t find anywhere a list of all available commands with their arguments. There are some commands in /opt/sublime_merge/Packages/Default.sublime-package/Default.sublime-commands but for most of them arguments are not specified. Also, there is no “git” command mentioned in documentation. So, I assume that this file doesn’t contain all available commands.

I think, it would be nice to add such information to documentation.



I have started this documentation, but have not completed it yet. Because it is incomplete, I haven’t published it yet. Part of the time is just to go through and describe every argument and what it does.



18 months on and still nothing?

Any documentation would be better than no documentation.

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Here is a repo I have made that contains all of the commands in Merge as of Build 2032. It is incomplete in the sense that most of the commands and their args needs descriptions but it is a WIP and I am working on it. Any PR’s for them are welcome.

Since it is based on the Default package, any commands that are “hidden” may not have been documented (PR’s/Issues again welcome).

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The link appears to be dead.