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Linux file permission freeze


Run Sublime Text Build 3211 as user. Open the file with file owner root with no write permission for user, then try to save it. Popup will tell you that you have no permission, close popup, change file owner to user.
All instances of Sublime Text will freeze.

I could extend the bug report if somebody will do something about it.
I should be easily repeatable.



I can’t replicate this on my Linux box (Slackware) using the 64 bit version of Sublime 3211. However I don’t get a permission denied error, Sublime executes pkexec to try and gain the elevation that it needs to get permission.

If I fiddle with my $SHELL variable so that it doesn’t point at something that appears in /etc/shells, I can trigger a failure of this process, but it doesn’t result in any freezing.

For example, given a file with the following permission and owner:

tmartin:dart:~> ll test.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 76 Nov  6 11:20 test.txt

If I open the file in Sublime and try to save it , the console says the following (and the error message is also what’s displayed in the popup):

error: Unable to save ~/test.txt
Error: administrator_copy_file(/tmp/.sublccd.tmp, /home/tmartin/test.txt) failed: /usr/bin/pkexec failed

Here the reason for the failure is that pkexec doesn’t like that my shell is invalid, so instead of working it signals failure. I can then change the file owner to be myself, but in that case saving the file works as expected:

tmartin:dart:~> sudo chown tmartin.tmartin test.txt
tmartin:dart:~> ll test.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 tmartin tmartin 76 Nov  6 11:20 test.txt

Are you not getting an elevation prompt from pkexec in this instance? If not that may play into what’s happening here. Otherwise I would double check that you don’t have a third party package installed that’s perhaps doing something untoward in the background.

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I don’t use third party package for sublime and I get prompt from pkexec.
It happened more the once for me and this time I was sure that I know what is wrong. Apparently not!
Sorry to bother you.
Simple test in the description do not freeze anything. It’s more complicated then that.
I use Kubuntu 18.04, sublime is 64bit.
I get the issue yesterday, with the open directory via sublime and directory is also mounted and used in docker container. I run multiple sublime instances on multiple workplaces.
Usually I use suspend on work days and reboot PC only once a week.
Maybe it has effect somehow.
If I find out significant info to cover the issue, will post it, cannot prove it anything today.



It’s not freeze, just second popup did not show up in front. If there is lots of windows open, it’s easy to miss it and during that second popup non of Sublime Editor windows is responsive while popup stays in the background.