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Linux: AltGr Arrow Keys not recognised


Hey everybody,

I’m reasonably new to Linux (Ubuntu GNOME 16.04) coming from OSX. I think I have a pretty firm grip on things, but there’s one thing that’s puzzling me. I remapped my keyboard creating my own xkb symbol map so I’m able to use arrow keys using AltGr (ISO_Level3_Shift) and hjkl. The end result looks like this:

While this appears to work fine in all other applications Sublime Text 3 (3114) doesn’t seem to pick up on my AltGr arrow keys at all. Is there any explanation for this? Has anyone managed to make this work before?




sorry to revive an old post, but I have the exact same problem and couldn’t find a solution yet… if someone has an idea on an workaroud, I would appreciate.



It sort of sounds as if this is similar to (or at least related to) the following issue that also covers remapped arrow keys not working properly. If that’s the case, it looks like it’s slated for an upcoming release so it may be resolved starting in the next dev cycle.



Yes, these are indeed the same issue.