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Linebreak or rule every XX lines, for write prose



Please, i need help:

I newbee in Sublime (10-15 days)
and use Sublime for write prose.

I search decision for linebreak/guideline/rule every 40-50 lines,
Automatic and fixed from first to end line in open document.

  • this is a good solution to write & see end of paper page-layout composition.
  • and after, go to start work in layout in Indesign

Trying to find a plugin like this.
Search, search… search - but nothing =(

Please, help find plugin/script for this idea.
Maybe anybody know simle plugin/script to use?

And im sorry…
im not a prograpmist (only css and html) 0=)

Thank you very much to all those who responded!



You can use the rulers setting for this. This setting allows you to add rulers (vertical guides) at the column(s) you specify.

Open the command palette (ctrl + shift + p) and search for Preferences: Settings. It will open a 2 column split layout window. On the right hand window, add this into your preferences and save.

"rulers": [40, 50],

This will create 2 rulers at columns 40 & 50 in all the documents you open in ST.

Let’s say, you don’t want to have it for all files, but only specific files. As an example, let’s take plain text (.txt) files. You can then add this to the syntax specific setting for that file and it will only appear for files that have the extension .txt.

From the main menu, go to Preferences -> Settings - Syntax Specific, when your currently open file is a .txt file. Then add the same above setting to your right hand syntax specific user setting and save. Now only .txt files will have rulers added at column 40 & 50 and no other files.

Hope this helps.



UltraInstinct05, thanks you!
But my question, problem, about horizontal rules/linebreak/guideline =(



Can you provide an example of what you are trying to achieve. Maybe that would help better understand your problem.



OK, thanks =)
Photoshop example:

Horizontal, red dodet lines (x3)
From the beginning of open docement
Its what i search…

*- every 10 lines - its example for preview, in realy need every 40 or 50 lines
*- red arrow - for help
*- grey arrow - standart Sublime rules, vertical



Okay. That’s more clear. So currently, only vertical rulers are possible in ST (follow the previous post on how to di it). You can’t add horizontal rulers as depicted in your screenshot. There’s currently no way to do something like that (as far as I know).



Thanks UltraInstinct05.
Im wery glad that you understood me =)


i found plugin which add linebreak every XX line.
But plugin has no fixation:
When i write, and add new text/line, all linebreak moved to = (

Maybe have, a any plugin or simply script
what add blank line or linebreak text (like =======) every XX line, but from firs line in open document…

Maybe can set backround image pattern, under text?
Inside Sublime theme, like on website.

My font_size, line_height, word_wrap… - everything has fixed values.
Maked a background image in Photoshop, where every XXX pixels will have “help red line”
And after set this image like background in theme = almost what I want…

But im not find tutorial or example for how set bg image in Sublime Text



I think this is “One of the best” solutions and ways
to get all writers use Sublime Text

Writing documents and prose
know where the last line is on the page

But how can this be realized ?!..

I know, in other text editors soft
where themes are based on html/css
minimal we can set a background image-line break,
but they editors do not have rich functionality…

Maybe there are people ready to write a plugin
But i don’t even know where searh the people
Write to everyone(spam) who has already make&write plugins