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LFS support?


I just enabled LFS support (Gitlab) and it works fine form me from the command line and Sublime Merge (mac), it doesn’t work for a co-worker (win). He gets the following error:


He’s new to git and never used it from the command line. I would have assumed that Sublime Merge would have enabled anything needed by git, but I could be wrong.

I also want to enable this for the project’s artists, but that could be a problem unless it’s a simple process to enable lfs.

Am I missing an obvious sep?



Sublime Merge for macOS and Windows ships a bundled version of git that does not include LFS. I’d suggest changing Sublime Merge to use the system git instead if git & git-lfs are already installed.



ok, thanks. I guess that explains it. I’m dealing with some very non-tech savvy people and doing anything fro the command line is going to be a support nightmare for me. I’ll look for a better solution than Git and LFS.

Is there a reason that Sublime Merge doesn’t ship with LFS? Seems like a big omission.



For the same reason we don’t ship with package control or other workflow specific plugins with Sublime Text: Some people don’t want them and it increases the size of the distribution. lfs is not part of git and if we shipped every git extension under the sun it would be a mess. On Linux we don’t even bundle git at all.

A good feature request that you may want to add to our official issue tracker would be a way to download git extensions for the bundled git from within Sublime Merge.

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Done, thanks.



I had the same issue. I resolved it by adding the path that contains the git-lfs.exe file to my PATH environment variable and restarted Sublime Merge for it take effect.