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LaTeXTools command is opening a new window of Sublime Text editor


I am using the latest Sublime Text (Build 4113) as a LaTeX editor on Windows 10 machine.

Every time, I compile/build a TEX file or do the Forward Search, SumatraPDF opens the corresponding PDF file. But at the same time, a new untitled window in Sublime Text editor is also opening and that’s not desired. How can I stop it from opening the new window?



Short version: LaTeX packages that try to return the focus to Sublime after a build have been doing it incorrectly for a long while, and now in ST4 the way they do it makes them open a new window instead of focusing.

More details in the linked forum post, which outlines two ways to solve the problem (turn off the preview setting, or configure things so that the correct tool runs to switch the focus).