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LaTeX-Support for ST4


Hello everyone,

is there a plugin for LaTeX for Sublime Text 4?
Currently I use the extension LaTeX Workshop for VSCode, but I like the fast opening of Documents form Sublime Text, so the idea is to fully use Sublime Text if there is a good handling of LaTeX files.
For me it is important, that I can switch between the chapters and get the compiled PDF-Document in an intern viewer in Sublime Text or in Adobe Reader (I did not want to use an other PDF-Reader like Sumatra or Foxit). Thanks!



LaTeX Tools is a quite sophisticated and popular package to work with LaTeX documents.

Otherwise you might look for LaTeX related packages which look useful for you.

To preview converted PDF documents you’ll need to use an external application.



Unfortunately LaTeXTools seems to support only Sumatra PDF on windows and an internal viewer is a bit of a problem, if I recall one thread correctly, because the ones used by atom or vscode are written in java script while ST4 uses python plugins.



On another note, browsing through pull requests for LaTeXTools I noticed someone “Added a Google Chrome viewer with forward sync” which might be a viable option for you.