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LaTeX Package, but without Package Control


Probably a long shot, but I am trying to use a package that isn’t hosted on GitHub (, and so doesn’t seem to be addable by Package Control.

Probably it’s obvious how to do this, but I can seem to figure it out. Any advice would be most appreciated!



This is not a Sublime text package, just a latex extension



Right. But . . . I can’t seem to get it to install because package control doesn’t see it?

Like I said, probably the answer to this is obvious but I can’t see it.



Prooftrees requires Forest, which installs into the selected operating system.
Follow the links in the link you provided, and you should be able to install it.
I don’t use LaTeX or anything connected to it, but I don’t think you will be able to use prooftrees with sublime text. It seems to be a graphical package.
That’s all I can say about it.



Thanks for your reply Jackeroo! I’ve got Forest, which installs just fine, but prooftrees won’t - or, at least, I can’t figure out how to do it since it won’t appear in package control.

I guess what I am really looking for is a way to manually install a LaTeX extension such that Sublime Text can find and use it.



I don’t get the idea why it has something to do with Package Control… or even Sublime Text itself. It’s just a library which your preferred language uses.



Thanks for your reply jfcherng!

That’s actually quite helpful. What I am lost about - and again, I am sure this is somehow incredibly obvious - is where to put the library so I can use it. In previous cases where I’ve needed a new library like this, I’ve installed it using Package Control, which puts them wherever they need to by automatically.



I would wonder how Forest is installed then…



Forest installed with Package Control.



That doesn’t sound right to me. More over, there is no Forest package on Package Control by the way.



Yeah, I should have said a bit more, sorry.

You can add repositories in Package Control, and I added the one for Forest (which is hosted on GitHub).

But, sadly, I can’t do the same thing prooftrees because it isn’t hosted on GitHub, and I can’t redirect Package Control to CTAN in the same way.

I really appreciate your replies, by the way. Obviously, I’m in a bit over my head, and really appreciate the help.



It (99%) sounds like you have misunsterstood Package Control: Add Repository. If something is not made as a ST plugin. Add it to ST via Package Control: Add Repository won’t magically turn it into a valid ST plugin.

What you have to do is install latex packages into its own environment. But I am not a guru of “complex” latex-related ecosystems, I just used it once like 10 years ago. What I can provide here is making the issue sound logically reasonable.



EDIT: that video (which I obviously should have of searching for) led me to a few others which eventually answered my question.

Thanks again to everyone who helped - it really is very much appreciated.

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