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Latex on Sublime


I have installed latex on sublime.

  1. I have problem in tracking the append text/figure on existing latex file.
    i.e, when I add new text or figure to the existing latex file. Then I expect highlighter to show what new text or figure has been added on skim (PDF Viewer) or on favourite viewer. Just like TEXStudio highlighter which shows in yellow box to highlight what was newly added.

  2. How to choice Xulatex or Lualatex to build the PDF?

Thank you



I will assume you installed LaTeXTools.

If so the solution to your second issue should be pressing ctrl+shift+b, triggering the “Build With” command which will hopefully provide you with the options you desire.

Regarding your first issue, I am not sure what you mean by “apend text”.



I have edited my question. Please refer and let me know if it still hard to follow.



Hmm, I am not aware of such a feature being part of LaTeXTools. But there is forward sync which automatically highlights your cursor position in the pdf viewer when the file is build.

Did you resolve you second issue?