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Latest dev update interferes wiexisting custom sidebar icons


For the record, I dont think it was a good design choice to have a separate icon for open/close folder (using the fill triangle icon) and another separate one that displays a folder icon. I do like the new “file-type” icons though; and, the animated loading indicator would actually stop spinning.

I’ve customized my ST3 sidebar already with nice custom dark-compatible icons and respective background color (I originally borrowed from the dark soda theme sidebar enhancements). I was able to do this by defining a custom-default theme; and, placing the respective custom icons under the ‘Theme - Default’ sub-directory under the main “Packages” directory (accessed via ‘Browse Packages…’ menu item)

I’d like to know the easiest way to use MY custom open/close folder icons AND remove the new folder icons (keeping all the filetype icons in tact). Lastly, I’d like to know how to override the existing filetype icons with dark-compatible skins.



There are two threads already open that were discussing this: Sidebar icons in themes

and one that might be easy for you to quickly get back to the way it was: Sidebar Icon Loading Spinners

I would start with the second one to get things functional again. Then I would dig through the first link to start learning the differences you can take advantage of.



Wow, that must have been the quickest response ever! I should have looked before posting. Sorry.