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Large Selection/Highlight or Select Range by Line Number


Hi Everyone!

I have possibly a unique problem for you, I am using Sublime Text 3 to read in my data from an experiment. My experiment yields in excess of 5 million data points giving each one on a separate line, I do my data analysis in a program called OriginLab which is plotting software with integrated spreadsheet software, because my data set is so large I max out the number of rows in the spreadsheet software so need to do this in chunks - I tend to split the data in half and this usually does the trick.

The problem is presently I highlight and shift + page down to select the chunk of data I wish to split; this still takes a very long time and there must be a better way to do this. Is there a way; either natively or with a package, to highlight/select and range based on line. E.g highlight/select lines 1 to 2,500,000 without manually doing this

Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated and this would save me so much time!

Thank you very much,



How to selected line automatic

You might be looking for the “Mark” feature.

Ctrl-G to go to the last line you want to select, by number.
Edit > Mark > Set Mark to set your selection-end marker.
Ctrl-G (or Ctrl-Home) to go to the first line you want to select.
Edit > Mark > Select to Mark



I shall try this and report back, thanks for the reply!



Perfect. Thank you very much!

You have saved me so much time I cannot express my gratitude enough!

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This worked really very well. I was having to delete almost a million lines from sql file. And I could not think of any other way. Thanks a zillion.



I have been sucribed just to give you like to your very nice comment, cheers!!