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Kite Plugin is Missing Dependencies



I installed the plugin Kite Python AutoComplete . This plugin basically helps coders to auto complete the code while typing up the code. I also have the Kite engine running with the Sublime Text 3 plugin installed on Kite. Despite having all these, I get the error message “Kite is Missing Dependencies” when I open sublime every . It is also asking me to install Kite (which is already installed and functional). Where it gets funny is that if I ignore this error message and continue typing code or open up a new code file , I can see that Kite is doing its job by giving prompting and auto completion. The most annoying part is Sublime goes on a hang if try to remove this plug in .

Since its already working why is this annoying error message occurring and how can I get rid of this?





I don’t know if this will work, but you could try Preferences -> Package Control -> Satisfy Dependencies.



The README for the package explicitly says:


Installing the Kite Engine

The Kite Engine needs to be installed in order for the package to work properly. The package itself provides the frontend that interfaces with the Kite Engine, which performs all the code analysis and machine learning 100% locally on your computer (no code is sent to a cloud server).

What follows that is instructions for how to do so depending on what OS you’re using.



Tried this out. did not work. :frowning:



I had installed kite engine before installing the plug in. still getting the annoying error message. The worst part is it does not allow me to remove the plugin. If I initiate this, the application goes on a hang. Is there anyway we can get this bug raised to the product team ?



You’d have to talk to the Kite technical support for that, I would think.

However, if trying to remove the package causes Sublime to hang, that seems like it might be an issue (though maybe not one Package Control can solve if the package is doing something wonky).

If you try to disable the package first (Package Control: Disable Package from the command palette or just manually add it to the ignored_packages setting in your user preferences), does that let you remove it?



You should file an issue here.
Be sure to collect all the information that they request first.
I do not use Kite so cannot help you.




had the same issue. Go to this folder “\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages” and remove all folders with the name Kite in them.

The dialog doesn’t show anymore.