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Key mapping broken


I updated to 4117 this morning and my keyboard shortcuts were all broken.

If I typed Control-X it behaved as if I typed it twice. Same with Control-C. Control-Meta-F appeared to work, that is, behave as if I only pressed it once.

Here’s an example: “Control-X k” is supposed to kill a buffer, but instead it did the “control-x control-x” command and THEN inserted the letter ‘k’.

Downgrading back to 4116 solved the problem.

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On the Discord there’s several folks running into this, primarily ones that use key sequence commands (of which Emacs has a lot of, and thus the Emacs Pro Essentials package.) I also reverted back to 4116 for now. My Thursday morning was pretty confusing.



Where in discord id you see this? I think I should … switch to using that …



Sublime Text Discord. I am not entirely sure what the invite link is for it. You might be able to search for that. In any event, in the #support and #general channel there was mention pretty rapidly that key sequence binds were FUBAR after 4117.

It’s a good resource, especially for package developers! I recommend it, lots of great expertise there.

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The invite link is in this thread:

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