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Jupyter notebook support


Is there any plan to add support for the Jupyter Notebook format?

Merging notebooks is kind of a pain. I use Nbdime for this purpose on the command line, and it works well. It would be nice to see something similar in Sublime Merge.

Alternatively, would it be possible to write a plugin to support this and other “non-plain-text” formats? XLSX, PPTX, DOCX would also be valuable file format additions.



This isn’t likely as Jupyter isn’t commonly used and is probably something plugins can provide, however:

Currently, plugins are not supported but they are on the roadmap.



Hey! I would like to reiterate on this topic and maybe ask to mark it as a feature request.

Jupyter Notebooks are de-facto the industry standard for sharing research in machine learning, data science and academia. Availability of tools like Anaconda, Google Colab and Jupyter Lab has been facilitating a major shift form Matlab to Python and R in the data driven research world.

Jupyter notebooks file format (or “IPython Notebooks” as they are also known) are an open document format based on JSON.

It would be very valuable for people in data science and academia to track research progress with the help of git and Sublime Merge if the .ipynb files with extension would be treated as notebooks, rather than JSON.



Long time lurker, first time poster :slight_smile:

As data scientist much of our work is actually in Jupyter notebooks, and currently I use for notebooks other tools (nbview and others). If Sublime Merge was a one-stop solution it would be sooo much easier, it also is a major decision factor for my current co-workers.

In this thread it was mentioned that plugins could be part of the solution. I would be willing to start developing such a plugin, but I would need a few pointers to get started.




It looks like there is already a package that can help with Jupyter notebooks ?



But that one is for Sublime Text, right?
We are actually looking for Sublime Merge, specifically a diff / merge view to compare versions.



You could open an enhancement request over at the tracker
but IMHO this is best provided by a plugin rather when the plugin API comes out (not sure when that will be though it’s listed on the roadmap as mentioned above).



Thanks for the pointer. Considering how pictures can be natively diffed from within Sublime, I did open up an issue: Github issue 1189

Thanks all!

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