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Jump back/forward only within the current split?


The “Jump Back” and “Jump Forward” commands seem to have a per-window location history list. Is there a way to customise this to be per split instead, or a plugin which does that?

I’d like my cursor to always say in the same split when using jump forward/back and to only jump between locations I’ve visited within that split. Is that possible?

To give an example, let’s say I have a two column layout in my Sublime window, with alice.c and bob.c both open in tabs on the left side of the split and eve.c on the right. Say my cursor starts at alice.c, line 10 in the left column; then I jump to eve.c, line 20 in the right column; and then finally I jump to bob.c, line 30 back over in the left column. From my current position in bob.c the “Jump Back” command will move my cursor to the right hand column and jump to eve.c line 20, as that was the previous location in this window. But what I’d like it to do is stay in the left hand column and jump to alice.c line 10, as that was the previous location I visited in the left hand column. I hope that makes sense…

So yeah, is there an existing way to do that?

Thanks in advance!