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Janky hot-exit minimization management on shutdown/restart (MacOS, 4143)


I generally keep around 15 windows active but minimized. Hot exit mode is incredibly helpful. But, not perfect when it comes to window minimization/restore.

On shutdown/reboot, ST restores all windows visibility before quitting, creating a boring and unnecessary wait as it animation-locks the shutdown. Weirdly, that’s something that doesn’t happen if I cmd-Q quit ST first. Can this be prevented any other way?

Equally annoying, is that previously minimized windows return as restored to visibility on restart. This happens irrespective of whether ST was manually quit or by shutdown. So I then spend half a minute holding down command-M again. How do I get it to bring them back minimized on restart?



What OS are you using? What version of ST?



As per title of this post: build 4143 on Mac.

edit-to-add: the specific version of MacOS is Ventura 13.2.1, but I’ve observed this behavior for years across a variety of Mac desktops and laptops and MacOS & ST releases. Just never got around to mentioning it before.