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I've released my book + video series on Sublime Text


Hey everyone - I know a handful of you already but incase you don’t know me I’m the buy behind many of the Sublime Text youtube videos and blog posts.

After a few yeras of blogging and youtube videos (which I’ll continue to do!), I’ve finally released my book and video series called Sublime Text Power User. I’m really excited about the launch. You may have seen it on twitter but I’m posting here as well incase anyone is interested.

The support from the Sublime community has been amazing - thank you all :wink:



Geez. What’s wrong with writing a book?

If I go to my local bookstore there are lots of books on software, not just the owners manual.

I purchased the book and while I knew a lot of the things he covered I did learn some great new things which I’m now trying to implement into my workflow.

Good stuff!



[quote=“diinko”]A couple of guys here already asked for money improving the unofficial docs, now this.


Seriously, what is wrong with you? You need to be taught some manners.

Someone decides to make a product: A straightforward guide to using a very powerful editor without having to dig painstakingly into the internals with zero context. Perhaps other people, who value their time, will choose to buy said product if they feel the knowledge gained and time saved is commensurate to the monetary asking price of said product.

It’s really pretty basic, and I’m thankful that such exchanges can occur.



I’d buy something like this if I new sublime had a bright future. Can’t even bring myself to buy sublime as it is.



I use Sublime 8-10 hrs a day and that doesn’t count my side projects at home (thanks to generous license I can use it on multiple machines)

Sublime + cost of this book is still less than something like IntelliJ so considering how much I use it I consider it a steal.

I’m disappointed in the progress and dim future of Sublime, yes, but not of my decision to buy it.




Thanks a ton, everyone! Had a few naysayers, but that comes with putting a book out.

Response has been amazing and I’ve sold almost 500 copies! If anyone here wants $10 off, you can use the code LAUNCHDAY





I just purchased ST4. Anyone know if this resource is still relevant?

Thank you,



Sublime Text has changed an immense amount since 2014. While there are plenty of core text actions that are the same, a very significant amount of stuff has changed also.

I’d check out Odatnurd’s YouTube, or Ben Frain’s course on udemy.

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