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Italic comments



I’ve been using Sublime Text for some time now and have gone from 2 to 3 with great ease. Somewhere during my using Sublime Text 3 I noticed I no longer had italicized comments. I’d like to get those back. I know that one must use a font that has an italic format and I’ve read other posts that seem to eventually get it working again. I’ve gone through multiple fonts/removing my properties file/reinstalling ST3 and have run out of options. I’m using 64-bit Windows 7 and ST3 build 3065.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



Your color scheme has to specify that comments are italicized. Try different color schemes. Dawn, for example, has italicized comments.



Thanks for the suggestion, but still, no italics. I’ve tried setting to the default color scheme as well as a few others.



The Twilight color scheme (in the Color Scheme - Default package) definitely uses italics for comments.

If that doesn’t work it could also be because of the font your are using. Did you change that recently?



It could also be that you have the “no_italic” font option enabled. Enter view.settings().get(‘font_options’) in the Console and verify it isn’t listed there.



Found the answer by playing with the default/user color settings. I wanted to use the Mariana color scheme, but just with italic comments. I copied /opt/sublime_text/Packages/Color Scheme - Default.sublime-package to ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/User/, removed irrelavent binary and other schemes, renamed the scheme, and renamed the file to MarianaModified.sublime-color-scheme and then it popped up in my color scheme switcher. Finally, under “rules”: I modified the section with “name”: “Comment” and added “font_style”: “italic”. It ended up looking lik this:

        "name": "Comment",
        "scope": "comment, punctuation.definition.comment",
        "foreground": "var(blue6)",
        "font_style": "italic"