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Hello World. My name is Stephen and I am currently working on my BA in Software Development. One of my current classes is website development and I was referred to this software from a friend. First, I wanted to create this thread for those that are like me that know next to nothing about JavaScript and HTML, but I have some personal questions as well. Hopefully some veterans and some staff can help me and those like me out.



First question is more of legal stuff. My final is to create a fake webpage hosted by my University. Would it be okay if I use sublime text for this? I noticed there is a buy button, so I want to make sure that I am not skimming the developers for their software.



You aren’t having any monetary gain from using Sublime unlicensed. This is after all a project for a course. Not an internship or job. That is normal for a college student. Keep using it if you really like Sublime Text. After getting your first job, do consider buying a license in case you still find yourself using Sublime Text often.