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Issue with authorisation on github for sublime merge


So last night I was setting up Vim Text editor, I decided to use git.exe straight from the command line, thus adding password based authorisation local to Windows 10 (created a file, can’t remember what its called in my user folder to authorise pushes and committs and such from the command line)

Now usually I use merge for other projects differently, as to why is not important. But when I use merge it keeps asking me to authorise github whenever I committ and push.

I now have 3 personal access tokens set up on github all for the same thing, not sure what is going on but I wish to stop sublime merge to stop asking me to reauthorise github so much, not sure if its because of something I am doing or something wrong with the program?

In the meantime I set it to point to the system git.exe rather than the bundled one as this is the same one I am using in vim to see if that fixes the issue. But thoughts and opinions still needed as this may not resolve the issue?



Why not just use a ssh key pair to do auth things :thinking:

Sorry for the rudeness. Just want to make sure you know ssh key auth.



Because I am using password, I do not wish to use SSH. It is not rude btw, and I am sorry if I sound rude, just some people prefer to use password more than anything over SSH.

I must stress this was not part of my question, I am trying to work out what is going on with the above.