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Is this Git marker a bug?


Sublime has Git markers showing status of Git in project. Git shows correct most of the times but the following seems wrong:

When there are symbolic links (created with ls -s) in the folder, after git add/commit/push, Sublime shows a Git marker on the project folder, although the Git status is all up-to-date.

In the picture above, no more files or folders after



If you create a symbolic link in a Git directory, then Git will flag that as a new untracked file (unless the name of the symbolic link is set in your .gitignore),

The UI in Sublime Text should then be a blank dot (rather than a blue dot).
See example (text.txt is an untracked symlink)


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I found out how to solve the problem. It’s something wrong in Git index, even Git commands don’t show a difference but Sublime.

Using Bash ‘rm’ and then git add, commit won’t work.

Using Git ‘rm’ works:

git pull; git add -A; git commit -a -m msg; git push;

# now rm
git rm sys
git add -A; git commit -a -m msg; git push

# now create back the symbolic link
ln -sT dist sys
git add -A; git commit -a -m msg; git push