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Is there any way to see and force track of ignored files?


Sometimes I need to see what is being ignored in a git repo, so I can force git to track a particular file.
Other tools like SourceTree have a filter to show all ignored files, but I could not find something similar in Sublimemerge. How can I do that? It’s a pain when I need to open a console just to run git add my_ignored_file -f.



Just to clarify. It’s not a pain to just open a console and run git add my_ignored_file -f, but it’s when I need to do that for several files and when I need to analyze the file content prior that.
As a workaround, I have to edit the .gitignore file to remove that particular pattern to see those files, so I can add them and restore the .gitignore file again.



Hi @dougcunha,

Thank you for the question - currently Sublime Merge does not support showing ignored files.
I’d suggest sharing this suggestion on the issue tracker which can be found here.

Perhaps the ability to quickly edit gitignore rules within Sublime Merge would also be useful in your workflow.

Here are some related issues that may be of interest:

- Dylan