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Is there an easy way to toggle excluded folders?


I have a project setup that has a bunch of folders I generally don’t want to deal with (.git, target, build, etc.). Most of the time, it’s fine just excluding them in the project setup. However, sometimes I run into situations where I want to have all of them included in the file opener, sidebar, search, etc. and it’s kind of a pain to go in and edit the workspace to add them back in for a couple of hours. Is there an easy way to just temporarily ignore my excluded folders without editing that file?

I’m aware that I can use exclude patterns in the project-wide search, but that doesn’t fix the sidebar / file open issue.



I don’t think that there’s any direct way to do it other than modifying the project data, but plugins can modify the project data associated with a window (which also updates the sublime-project file in use, if there is one). So in that regard it’s certainly feasible.

I’m not sure if there’s something like that already on Package Control, but if not something that fiddles the folder_exclude_patterns settings between some preset values would probably be not that hard to do.