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Is there a way to pypi install into packages folder?


I’m trying to develop some packages. I test out packages with my system wide python 3 on macOS but then struggle to get the module and dependencies into my sublime package. Is there a way to just pypi install these packages and their dependencies directly into the Packages folder? This is a package solely for my own use, not distributed in Package Control. Thanks.



Another thought: add pypi’s install dir into ST’s python lib path in your own plugin.
That’s super simple but untested:



See also:



Thank you @OdatNurd for the reply. I’ve learned a ton from your videos and this post you’ve linked in particular. After giving it more analysis, I had to grab a version of the 3rd party dependency that supports python 3.3. Installing that in Lib/python33 did the trick.

By the way, what is the difference between Lib/python3.3 and Lib/python33?