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Is there a way to do this with regular expressions or otherwise?


New user, please help

I have large project files that look something like this:

A3 Z8 A6 Z1

and I need to change them so each letter-number set is replaced by a length of either 0s or 1s, whose length is the number from that set.

For example, if ‘A’ is 0 and ‘Z’ is 1, the “A3 Z8 A6 Z1” example above would need to become


000 11111111 000000 1


Is there a way to automate this with regular expressions and find and replace, or with an available plugin?

(I am looking for a technique that does not use RegReplace and typing out each find and replace, as many of these numbers go into the hundreds)

Thank you!



With this uncommon need, you probably have to write your own.

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