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Is there a toolbar or way to make one?


Three questions:

  • Is there a way to get a toolbar in Sublime Text 2?
  • Is there one coming in version 3?
  • If not, is there a way to make one for either version through customization?

Any help answering just those three questions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

(PS: I don’t care about general feelings surrounding the usefulness of a feature that is implemented in most other native desktop apps… Toolbars are all over the place. This bulletin board has many toolbars. I see other people asking for this feature, but I don’t see any solid answers from anyone who actually makes the product, unless I missed something.)

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Google - … complete=0



Good, so you know how to use search!
Why did you opened one more thread?

I have a solution (more like an workaround) though, how should I proceed? Go to ALL opened threads and update them?

My solution: create a Main.sublime-menu in your user folder and add menu items as commands:

    "caption"  : "Save As...",
    "command": "prompt_save_as"


Yes. I also know how to be polite.

None of those threads were asking the exact three questions that I had asked.

I am not sure what you mean by this. It seems off-topic with regards to my questions.

Thank you. I will consider that.

So, there is not one in ST2, however there is a work-around. I am still wondering if someone could politely answer the other question with authority - Is there one coming in ST3? Thanks.



I think the answer is here:

As I wrote 5 Years ago: it was nice, but I never used it.



You do know that opening another thread on a subject that is/was already discussed is not quite a sign of politeness, right?

That being said, hope my workaround works good for you (you may also try to take a look at packages that alter current toolbar, like package control)



Reopening months- or years-old threads is also considered impolite on many boards.



No chances to have one not even in ST4. There are too many commands to memorize. Would have been great to have smth like this:

and a file Toolbar.sublime-menu



Sublime Text 1 did have a toolbar, but it was removed in the later builds. There is an open issue for this