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Is there a syntax highlight plugin for autohotkey files?


Autohotkey files are .ahk
I saw a screenshot with .ahk file syntax highlight here:

But in the Preferences->Package Control->Discover Packages there is nothing like Autohotkey. How to get syntax highlighting for .ahk files?

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AFAIK, AutoHotKey is implemented in AutoIt, so you could look for that instead. I believe there’s an old syntax def for AutoIt in the old repository for ST1 (google code).

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I have my own version of AHK highlighting, just download the file and unzip in sublimes Packages folder. …



AutoHotKey is not AutoIt.

AHK is a derivation from the original AutoIt3 source code and the language in AU3 has matured into a slightly more advanced BASIC.

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I knew they were related somehow, but it’s a long time I haven’t used either! :slight_smile:

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anyone have a working Syntax highlighter for AHK? the post in this thread leads to a broken link.

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Here’s one I’ve been using. I came across it on the AHK forums.



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ill try it out! thanks!

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Hrmm not sure where to put these files all the other language inside Pristine Packages folder are of type .sublime-package ?

[quote=“jordantbro”]Here’s one I’ve been using. I came across it on the AHK forums.



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This zip has the syntax highlight AND autocompletion for AHK Basic

Extract it to

Portable version:
…\Sublime Text 2\Data\Packages\Autohotkey\

Installed (on win7):
C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\Autohotkey

ST topic on (19.3 KB)

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