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Is the Monokai color scheme still prioritized?


Is the old default Monokai theme still getting updates? The syntax highlighting seems better/more “precise” in Mariana with newer features like semantic highlighting etc.



As far as I am aware, no; Monokai is going to be left as is from this point forward.

Part of the reason the default color scheme changed from Monokai to Mariana is that with updates and refinements to the syntaxes that ship with Sublime, changes to the color schemes to take advantage of them are required.

Monokai has been around long enough that I believe it was decided to leave it as is and move to a new default rather than start changing the visuals and making existing users angry that the colors they’ve been using for many years are suddenly different.

Customizations are still possible for those that want them, but otherwise it will retain it’s classic look (with a couple of small exceptions, since some syntax refinements are such that Monokai now interprets them slightly differently than it used to).



Thanks for your insights @OdatNurd. Make sense.



Are there any good alternatives to Monokai out there or in the works? I much prefer the warm and vibrant color palette as opposed to most other dark themes and I don’t think I’d mind significant changes in syntax highlighting. I know gruvbox is quite popular but it seems to me a bit like Monokai through a sepia filter.



Try Meetio DeepOcean.