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Is SublimeText Dying?


With the rise of the VSCode I feel like SublimeText progress has been stagnated, is this true?



No. This may come as news to you, but ST and VSCode are different products with different markets.

I’m not sure what evidence you see of ST having “stagnated.” It gets regular updates and a major new version is being developed. Maybe you think that larding up an application with features is “progress” but most people who use ST would beg to differ.



Thank you for reply. I have been away from ST for a while that’s why I was asking.



@arx it’s very much alive and kicking. The next iteration of ST is currently in Alpha

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I have seen the future (ST4) and it is beautiful! I’ve been using ST4 for the past month or so, and the usability and the features are great. The indexing and auto completion are very useful. The editor is still as snappy as in version 3.



Hey, just ran by this forum and saw this post, thought I’d comment.

The fact that I’m still occasionally checking this forum means Sublime is not dead in my heart!

I hope this feedback doesn’t sting too much, but in all practical terms it does seem to be almost abandoned. Bugs in basic functionality that I’ve raised way back - in 2013, yikes - still haven’t been fixed. That seems to give the impression that there’s no-one out there who is using Sublime seriously.

Which is a shame as it’s a nice editor that I’ve used quite a lot from time to time. Other than the few bugs I’ve pointed out previously (that feel like they would be quite simple to fix, if there was someone maintaining the editor who had a little bit of time), I do love this thing.



Sublime is quite alive, and as stated previously, has some alpha testing going on. Any large project has old bugs going back a long way. I can’t think of many really large projects that have a 0 inbox of bugs. The most important ones get fixed, and the lesser important get fixed if their priority is great enough compared to other priorities. Also, the Sublime team is pretty small.

Now, do more of the lesser important bugs (yes, I know this is subjective) need to get fixed with greater priority? This is another discussion.

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I agree with your opinion. Personally, I do not see any reason to change the sublim to something else.



Sublime is the most straightforward product that I have ever used. It’s good for beginners and expert users alike. I have used in teaching, it’s fantastic. People ‘GET IT’ right away. VS CODE is just way too configurable, although it is also a good product. FYI, I paid for Sublime.

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Sublime Text is just as configurable if not more with a very minimalist looking awesome UI. :slightly_smiling_face:
VS Code IMHO is a convoluted mess. It’s like
VS Code = Sublime Text + Sublime Merge + Emmet + Terminus + (some other packages I am missing) minus Speed. So if I am just using VS Code for just editing text, I get a bunch of other stuff that’s bogging the performance down for no apparent reason.

On the other hand Sublime Text is perfectly good on it’s own for just about anything (plain text editing or using it to write complex applications), Sublime Merge is perfect on it’s own & as a bonus, they both work perfectly with each other out of the box if you choose both tools while keeping app performance in tip top shape.



VSCode is great. It has some awesome features and things I wish ST3 has (perhaps ST4 will have) but at the end it is super slow and really memory hungry. Simply because it is just a browser.

When my i9 CPU with 16GB RAM and super fast SSD can’t instant render the color highlight of a file with not even 50 lines you know something is wrong.

The only thing that VSCode has that ST will likely never have is remote execution. I can connect via SSH to any system and directly work there and ST installs itself as a part on the server. I highly doubt something like this will ever come to ST.

Still, when it comes to my choice. ST it is. Just the speed of it is a must…

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I thought I’d throw my six-penneth in. Aside from vim on remote servers ST3 is my only editor now and I love it to bits. I can’t compare it to VS Code as I don’t use it (I’m not exactly anti-Microsoft but like my software to come from different stables). I will happily pay for ST4 on top of my previous payment for ST3 as it is worth every penny, not least to keep developers and their teams going before everything gets swallowed up by the giants.
I have had a few minor issues with ST3 but none worth my moving away from it.



auto-completion for which languages?



I think it is language agnostic, at least to a large degree. It is based on indexing. So as long as the indexing rules for the language are reasonable, auto completion will work.



Makes sense. In Eclipse (but it was also in Visual Studio these days) there is another great thing that comes with code completion - the instant javadoc (or another code2doc format) help for code completion suggestions.



Must admit that I use both VScode and Sublime text 3, but when it comes to a large Bootstrap project with Gulp, Node and Pug involved I lean back to VScode these days, because it all runs in one app and the included terminal. Did not notice any slowness of VScode.

Sublime Text needs to organize the plugin library and the way you can find out if there are problems with a plugin or not. In VScode I can see that in a second. Hope this will change with the next version of Sublime otherwise I think the Sublime ship will slowly sink.



After installing Terminus I’ve got everything I need. My ST3 is so customized to my needs that it’d take too long to move to another editor. I did try VSCode, but it seemed not flexible at all. All in all, I :yellow_heart: ST



ST4 is also providing new APIs to better support the LSP:

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