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Is SublimeText 3 receiving any updates once SublimeText4 is out?


Is SublimeText3 going to receive any updates, like security or bug fixes, once SublimeText 4 is officially released?



I think it has already been happened for quite a while :stuck_out_tongue:

@wbond, iirc, in Discord, said ST 3 will only receive updates only if it’s unusable such as the application can’t be started.



Should we be switching to ST 4?

Do we know how much it will cost to upgrade from 3 to 4?

Is there a link explaining why we should upgrade? I wasn’t sure I saw anything substantial but … I might have just been clueless about it.



hi @canoeberry,

I won’t switch until i find some feature i like. ST 3 is awesome, i don’t miss anything for the time being.



Quoting from

Personal licenses are a once off purchase, and come with 3 years of updates. After 3 years, an upgrade will be required to receive further updates. One license key is all you need for all your computers and operating systems

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5 days until my ST3 license is 3 years old :thinking:



I’ve purchased my ST license a number of years ago, but I don’t remember that 3-year update limit. Could it be something that was introduced later on?

I do remember that SM license came with that policy from the beginning though.

Also, at the link you posted I see a users account login form, but in my ST purchase emails there’s no reference to that account either.



Yes since they want to align ST/SM’s license policy imo.

It’s for staff only.



The account is for business licenses. As those are subscription based they require an account for management.

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If I check the download page, it’s only 5 build after 3.0 (Build 3143) released on 13 September 2017.

So the development really slow even that not really matter since Sublime Text stable enough for me, I rarely coding now days.



Those only list stable releases. See the development builds for all the other builds:



I see. But I hope this change in licenses policy is not backward effective on us users who purchased ST3 at a time when there was no such time-limit imposed — the original agreement should still hold

It might be worthy making that clear on the page IMO, some users might think they get an automatic account created at purchase time, or that their forum account might be linked to that one.

I actually thought that was the case, and entered my email to recover my lost password, but then didn’t receive any type of notification (and kept looking in the spam folder of my mail provider).



Under the previous license terms, your ST3 license was good for only ST3 builds; when the next major version comes out (ST4 for example), you can’t use it without paying an additional fee.

Under the new license terms, your license gets you updates for a period of 3 years; at the end of that period you must pay again to continue to get updates, but you can continue to run the last version released during your license period without paying again (that is, it is not a subscription; that is a business only thing).

So, if the old license applies:

  • You cannot use any newer build without paying extra, because it would be a newer major version. You’re effectively stuck on the currently released version of ST3 (unless a new build comes out which is not planned)

However, if the new license applies:

  • If you bought 3 or more years ago, the old license and the new license do the same thing; you’re stuck on the currently released version of ST3 because it was the last one you were licensed for
  • If you bought less than 3 years ago, you can continue to get updates until 3 years are up, which allows you to use newer builds that would not otherwise have been available without paying extra.

The final terms aren’t set in stone yet from what I’ve seen, but on the face of it having the new license apply to you at best gives you access to newer builds and at worst does the same as what the old license would have done, so I’d assume most people would favor that latter one as getting more for their dollar.