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Is Sublime Text 4 going to be as fast as 3 was?


I love Sublime Text since version 2, since it’s been faster than other editors. I really hate the input lag all other editors deliver. Sadly, Sublime Text 4 is just like the other editors. When I’m typing, there’s this famous fraction of second before it renders my input. I don’t know how people can work like that, it drives me mad.

Is this a goal for Sublime Text 4 to get rid of that lag, or is it something majority of users don’t care about?



Maybe you can provide the platform details so that the ST developers can reproduce on their end ?
Also does it occur in safe mode ?



We have the same focus on performance with ST4 as we’ve had with previous releases. That’s why we’ve added hardware accelerated rendering and a whole host of other performance fixes/tweaks. If you’re getting worse performance please submit a bug report with all the relevant details. You can do so under the Help > Report a Bug… menu.



Okay, so it’s just me. I’m on MacBook Air 2018, newest macOS. Sublime Text 4 feels heavy on my machine (16 GB RAM, i5). Everything has low framerate etc.

Not sure how to run the safe mode, it doesn’t do anything differently with Command key for me and subl command doesn’t exist.



Do you have packages that display squiggly lines and inline or block phantoms?



It’s become a slow POS, I use it on about 6 different machines and they all take about 4+ seconds to open a basic text file. EVEN WHEN SUBLIME IS ALREADY OPEN!!
I don’t have any packages.
Very very disappointing, looking for another product now.



Myself and many others aren’t experiencing that behavior. I can only suggest submitting a bug report so that we can narrow down the cause and fix it.



I have that too, but I didn’t mention it. Even if the file is literally 1 character long, it still takes several seconds to open sometimes. Not sure what causes it, because it doesn’t happen when I already have my project open.



works on my machine. You most likely have bad plugins installed.