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Is ST4 good now after 3 years? Or everyone still uses ST3?


Hello everyone! I decided to do a fast check and ask if you guys still use ST3? I remember 3 years ago I tried to use ST4 in my HTML/JS/CSS projects and it was awful. A bunch of bugs and more steps to do for the autocompletes that slows you down like crazy.

I am still using ST3 3.2.2 (3211) and is ultra fast when it comes to autocompletions and fast programming.

Does anyone uses ST4? Still afraid to upgrade to this version.



Have been using ST 4 ever since it got released. I am not doing web things though.

“slow” and “awful” are not helpful. A reproducible case or more detailed setup is helpful.

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Using ST4 for ages, its perfect. I do remember having to go through my plugins and preening through them. Some are no good, snippets plugins I got rid of as they caused more problems (plus I can write my snippets myself). Some plugins are too old so out they go etc.



I can’t use ST 4 at all – it just doesn’t seem to launch, once installled. I’ve had to downrev to ST 3.